Privacy Policy

QuickLog - The main idea of the product is to provide a platform for business to get connected with the employees and monitor. We are having two apps created to segregate the functions and need, first one primary app is for office activities like attendance, communication, location sharing, etc and another is just for attendance. We also have have web application as the alternative for the user and Administrator to monitor their employee with list of features provided.

We are are concerned with the protection of your valuable personal information which is why we have published this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy describes what information we receive when you use the application and how we keep it. We can change this policy at anytime without any prior notice to the user. So we recommend you to read this policy periodically in case of any modifications hereafter.

Please be noticed that you automatically consent for this policy after you start using our application and website.

When you install the application “Quicklog Service” onto your device the application prompts for permission access of the location details of the device. If the permission is denied the application will not collect any information of the user. But it is mandatory for user to grant location access to the application if he/she wishes to use the application and its functionalities. The location details are collected from the GPS location service. If the GPS service is disabled the application collects the location information based on the network it resides in (Local wireless network or Cellular Network). In addition to the location detail, the application also collects the information from the user’s cellular network ( i.e. Carrier data, Cellular ID, IP Address, Mobile Country Code, Mobile Network Code, Latitude, Longitude ) The information obtained by the application will be stored in a safe and secure database on the cloud which could be removed on request by the authorized personnel with a valid argument.

Our another application “Quicklog Operation” also needs access from the user. This application requires access to the device’s dialer, Messaging system, Address Book, Storage and network.

Address book data will only be used if the user wishes to share any information from the application to the contacts stored onto the device. If the user doesn’t needs to use this functionality the the address book’s access will not be required. Similar is the case for the Messaging and phone dialer.

Device’s network will be used when communicating between the device and the server. The application needs to sync the data stored in the phone’s storage into the database in the server.